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زمین پرانسان کی آمد، مذہب اور سائنس

by: Dr Gulnaz Naeem ABSTRACT: Creation of the universe and the origin of man are among the greatest mysteries of the world. Man from the very beginning is in search of his origin, like who was first man? And where did he come from? Although man’s creator told him the answer through revelation. But gradually … Continue reading “زمین پرانسان کی آمد، مذہب اور سائنس”

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  Aasia Rashid Aasia Rashid, Farhat Nisar, Hafiz Muhammad Shariq Saleem, Ume Farwa, Farwa Chema, Amna Saeed, Shagufta Hafeez Abstract Peace is one of the most desired and basic elements for humanity on the face of earth. Without this neither evolution nor the social life can function properly. Islam conveys the message of love, peace … Continue reading “PEACE IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD AND ITS IMPACT ON DIVERSE CULTURES: AN ISLAMIC OVERVIEW”

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Laws of Inheritance in Islam and Hinduism A comparative study

Dr.Hussain Farooq  Hafiz Abdullah Abstract: Laws of inheritance and succession exist since time immemorial in every human society. The estate of the deceased person is distributed amongst his/her legal heirs according to the laws of inheritance. Based on religions i.e. Islam and Hinduism-two different societies exist in the Indo-Pak sub-continent, having different frames of rules … Continue reading “Laws of Inheritance in Islam and Hinduism A comparative study”

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اسلام اور دوسرے مذاہب میں خدا کے تصور کا تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ

Zia ul Haq Prof Dr Rishad Ahmad Abstract: The word “God” and its derivatives apparently seen common knowledge. However when the concept of God is studied through various religions, it becomes evident that this word has undergone a prolonged evolutionary stages. Therefore, it may safely be said that this vital concept has evolved and later … Continue reading “اسلام اور دوسرے مذاہب میں خدا کے تصور کا تحقیقی وتقابلی جائزہ”

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اسلام اور ہندومت میں تصور عبادت:اتفاقات واختلافات

Dr husain farooq Dr salehuddeen haqqani ABSTRACT All religions without any exceptions have one or the other concept of worship of God or gods. Islam explains why and how Allah alone should be worshipped and obeyed. Hinduism can hardly be defined as to its idea of worshipping gods and goddesses. Yet, keeping in view the … Continue reading “اسلام اور ہندومت میں تصور عبادت:اتفاقات واختلافات”

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ہندومت اور اسلام کا موازنہ

Dr Hussain Farooq Abstract: Islam and Hinduism: A Comparative Study from the Angle of Human Urges Control  Man’s struggle, it seems, revolves most of the time around his natural urges for food and sex. Most of the crimes on the earth are caused by these two forces. That is why every religion attempts to address and regulate these forces within man. … Continue reading “ہندومت اور اسلام کا موازنہ”

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Friendship in Confucianism and Islam


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Three Hundred Ramayana

Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation A. K. Ramanujan       AKRamanujan_ThreeHundredRamayanas by Kiran Kumar Kuppa

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منو: ہندومت کا نوح اور آدم ؑ

Manu: Adam & Noah in Hinduism Dr Mursil Arsalan/Dr Rishad Ahmad manu Hindu mat by H.M Shariq

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گواہی: ہندومت اور اسلام میں

Testimony in Hinduism and Islam Comparative Study of Fiqh Islami and Manu Dharam Shastra Dr Mursil Arsalan/Dr Rishad Ahmad         Abstract Fiqh Islami or Islamic Jurisprudence is Muslim sacred law based on  primary Islamic sources i.e. Quran and Sunnah and which provides code of conduct to Muslims in all spheres of life. Manu … Continue reading “گواہی: ہندومت اور اسلام میں”

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