Dr.Hussain Farooq

 Hafiz Abdullah


Laws of inheritance and succession exist since time immemorial in every human society. The estate of the deceased person is distributed amongst his/her legal heirs according to the laws of inheritance. Based on religions i.e. Islam and Hinduism-two different societies exist in the Indo-Pak sub-continent, having different frames of rules regarding socio-religious life. Coupled with a long history of closeness and co-existence, have deep religio-moral and socio-cultural diffusions and infusions with one another. The same impact permeates the laws of inheritance as well. This paper is an analysis of this permeation by focusing on the points of comparison and contrast in the light of the Holy Qur’ān , Sunn’ah and the sacred books of Hindūism.

Laws of Inheritance in Islam and Hiduism A comparative study