Team CIR

Hafiz Muhammad Shariq

Founder & Director

Hafiz Muhammad Shariq was born and raised in Karachi and completed his B.S. degrees from Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology. His Dars-e-Nazami is also about to complete.

He has devoted a greater part of his life to Interfaith Studies (World Religions) and contributed in depth analysis by means of books and articles. He is well-known for his studies and researches into the scriptures of Hinduism. He has written books which include Islam aur Mazahib e Alam, Hindumat aur Islam, Hindu Dharam or Islam ka taqabuli Mutalla and Hindumat ka tafseeli Mutalla. He participated in many seminars and Trainers Workshops as a resource person in his field.

Shariq’s believes that peace belongs to faith and a faithful person reduces distances between human beings. For this mighty purpose, He founded the Center for Interfaith Research (CIR) in 2016.


Dr Aasia Rashid

Founder & Associate Director

Dr Aasia Rashid is an Assistant Professor at The National University of Modern Languages. Dr Aasia teaches comparative Religions and She is author of “Ilhami Mazahib kay Mushtarka Aqdaar”  and also written several research papers. She won the prize from National Book Foundation Pakistan for the Promotion of Children Literature. At CIR, She is serving as academic member.

 Dr Faiza Paracha 

 Project Director Encyclopedia Mazahib  E Alam

 Dr Faiza Paracha, Doctor of Alternative Medicine (Colombo), BS Islamic Studies,(FUUAST) Registered Yoga teacher, Aromatherapist and doing Masters in Psychology. Her aim is to merge Psychology n Islam with the help of alternative healing techniques. Now she is serving as project director of Encyclopedia Mazahib e alam.

Maryam Noreen


Maryam Noreen is doing M.phil at Shaheed Benazir Women University Peshawar in the field of Comparative Religion. She Has a keen interest studies of Comparative Religion. Many of her articles has published in Monthly Al-Mubashir Magazine. At CIR, She is serving as IT Support.

Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sani

Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sani is an Assistant Professor at Federal Urdu University of Science, Arts and Technology. Muhammad Sani teaches comparative Religions. He has written several books about seerah and Orientalism related topics. He also received President’s award for his work. At IISRA, He is as a teacher as well as a fellow.

Mr. Abid Naeem

Mr Abid Naeem is Hafiz-e-Qur’an and graduate of Dars-e-Nizami from a well reputed Madrassa of Lahore, Jamia Ashrafia. He has completed his M. Phil in Uloom-ul-Qur’an (Quranic Sciences) in 2009 from Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of the Punjab, Lahore. Now He is a PhD scholar and doing his research in the field of Comparative Religion at SZIC, PU.

He is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, in the Department of Religious Studies, FC College University, Lahore and active member of “Wold Council of Religions, Pakistan”. He has authored a book entitled as “Seerat-e-Ambia” on biographies of 25 Messengers and Prophets mentioned in the Holy Qur’an by their names. His main field of interest and reading is Comparative Religion.  At CIR, He is serving as Academic Member.